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Would you like to earn up to $40,000 per year in spendable, potentially tax-free dollars even as the real estate market is correcting and slowing down?
  • Discover the principles you need to know to avoid or reduce taxes while doing "subject to" deals!
  • Find out how to avoid tax land mines like phantom income tax to achieve better "subject to" deals!
  • Learn how to effectively break through seller negotiations with information no other investor has!
  • Learn from John Hyre, Jeff Watson and gather information from other leading experts in the "subject to" investing space!
  • Find out the truth about dealer status.
John Hyre
John is an attorney, accountant and investor with 27 years of experience in running both a tax law practice and accounting practice, having worked extensively with small businesses, real estate investors, note investors, and self-directed retirement account holders.
Jeff Watson
Jeff brings to the table 31 years of experience as an attorney and 24 years as an investor. He has a strong reputation for creating quality systems for real estate transactions and top-notch paperwork to implement them. Jeff is involved in protecting real estate investors both on Capitol Hill and in his home state of Ohio.
Does ANY of this sound like you...
  • Are you an experienced "subject to" investor or someone just starting who wants to learn how to do them correctly?
  • Do you want to discover the latest secrets, tips and tactics to negotiate better deals with sellers and put more money in your pocket while avoiding IRS audits?
  • Are you frustrated, stressed out and overwhelmed by the amount of false and misleading information about "subject to" investing?
  • Do you ever wish there was an easier and faster way to learn how to buy properties "subject to" and be able to predict the tax consequences resulting from each deal?
  • Are you done dealing with the confusion about how the IRS treats "subject to" transactions?
  • Does it sometimes feel like you are spiraling down a rabbit hole of hype or misinformation rather than actually learning how to get "subject to" deals under contract?
If you answered yes to any of these questions...
then this special offer is Specifically For YOU!
I found Jeff and John's course "Taxation and Structuring Sub To & Wraps" to be such a tremendous value. The information could give you a tremendous advantage over the next guy-even if you're not a very seasoned investor. Watson and Hyre have a knack for simplifying complex tax strategies. And lastly, you could get through that part of the course in an evening if you really wanted to. You will want to listen to them several times to get all the valuable info nuggets.
Nicole Romano
"I love Jeff and John. They are both investors, but more importantly, they are people I trust. I continue to invest in their content because I know it will be correct and legal, and it will guide me down the right path. This course on taxes for subject-to transactions and wraps is no exception. It is content-packed, immediately-usable information. With the current real estate market slowdown, everyone should learn this information so they can help even more people."
Lindsey Jensen
"I work with students every day all around the country, and trust me, folks out there need your paperwork and need this system desperately. There is so much misinformation out there and sellers getting hurt because of it. This information is needed desperately, especially the paperwork so that things are done properly. During the short-sale era, Jeff's paperwork saved people's bacon many times over because he was doing things properly and teaching people the right way to do it, and that's what this Subject To system is all about."
Bill Rafter
Real Estate Coach
Will this course help me structure better deals when buying from burned-out landlords?
Yes, it will teach you how to help them avoid experiencing phantom income tax.
Will this course teach me what I need to know to avoid being "tagged" as a dealer by the IRS?
Yes, this course will give you step-by-step strategies on how to prevent being identified as a dealer by the IRS and being taxed accordingly.
How much experience do John and Jeff really have as real estate investors?
John and Jeff are both real estate investors themselves and have represented hundreds of investors over the last couple decades. They draw upon their experiences in Tax Court and other courts, appearances before regulatory bodies, meetings with members of Congress, and their own transaction knowledge and experience. Jeff began doing subject-to transactions more than 20 years ago and still has some of the closed files in storage to prove it!
How do I know that the tax information from John is accurate?
John makes a living representing real estate investors before the IRS. His track record is impeccable. He is considered by many to be the go-to guy when an IRS audit goes poorly.
Hyre & Watson
Taxation and Structuring "Subject To" & Wraps
+ Bonus Material, including:
Zoom recording with David Richter on Profit First